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Unleash the Magic of Seamless Sync

Inventory Management

Streamline the inventory process for restaurants. We offer real-time tracking and management of wine, beer, spirits and food menus through very configurable Dashboard with more than 500K of beverages in our database.

POS Integration

Elevate your service to VIP status with our cutting-edge POS integration. Experience the pinnacle of efficiency by integration with NCR Aloha, Micros Simphony, Micros 3700 and many other POS systems.

A Perfect Match

Transform the dining experience in your restaurant with Tastevin. Extend your expertise across the floor by offering personalized meal and drink pairings for every guest and use our API on your own website.


Never apologize for a sold out bottle ever again

  • Effortless Inventory Management Utilize any iPad or Android tablet to easily enter inventory counts with a simple three-finger swipe and tap, transforming tedious tasks into a breeze
  • Cloud-Based Syncing Say goodbye to clipboards, spreadsheets, and double data entry as all your data securely syncs up to the cloud, simplifying your inventory process
  • Reclaim Your Time Enjoy more free time with an efficient system that keeps your inventory counts up-to-date, allowing you to say hello to your weekends again
Meet the missing sync.

POS, meet Tastevin.

Advanced Inventory Syncing

  • Accurately sync hard counts for inventory and generate vendor-specific pick lists, tailored to the par values you set
  • Integrate with POS systems to enable real-time inventory tracking, ensuring you never run out of stock again
  • Offer VIP service with efficient, fast, and reliable order handling, ensuring a high-quality experience for your VIP guests through smart syncing technology


Tailor our POS integration and inventory management system to fit your unique business needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in every aspect of your operations.

Simple To Use

Experience unparalleled ease of use with our user-friendly interface, making POS integration and inventory management straightforward and accessible.

Large Database

Our system boasts a vast database of beverages, complete with detailed descriptions and labels, providing an extensive resource for all your beverage management needs.

Power of Tastevin API.

Real-Time Updates on Your Website

Embed your Tastevin menus into your website using our included API. When you make a change on our web portal, it will update on both your tablets as well as your website in real-time. We can also host your menus on our servers, so you can share them with your guests with a link or QR code.

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Your Menus on a Big Screen

Experience always up-to-date beverages and food menus on your TV. With our dedicated application, you can easily run it on any Android/Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Android tablet. Enjoy full control over branding and customize how and what you share with your guests.

Digital magic.

Bring something magical to the table

Printing wine lists wastes paper, ink and money. Plus nothing gives a diner more stress than a wine list full of names they can't pronounce from regions they've never heard of. Is it any wonder dusty old bottles stay dusty? Take the stress out of wine service by providing the information the diner needs, when they need it: at the point of sale. Your customers will love you for it, and so will your bottom line.

Look Customization

Effortlessly tailor the look and feel of your menus and lists with just a few clicks. Our intuitive design and content management tools allow for quick customization, ensuring your menus not only match your brand's aesthetic but also captivate your guests' attention. Elevate your dining experience with personalized menus that are as unique as your restaurant.

Custom Branding

Enhance your restaurant's ambiance with our customizable menus, designed to seamlessly integrate your unique branding. Elevate the dining experience with our personalized menu options, reflecting the distinctiveness of your culinary offerings. Make every meal memorable with menus that are as individualized and exceptional as your venue.


You can't be everywhere at once, even though you try. Scale your brain and demystify your menu in one swoop. Pair every app, salad and entrée with as many wines, spirits and beers as you like. The diner selects the meals they want and gets custom recommendations that will work for everyone at their table. What pairs with Sake Nigori? Now your guests won't need to stress, and neither will you.

Our Story

Revolutionizing Beverage Sales with Tastevin: A Seamless Fusion of Technology and On-Premise Expertise

Tastevin was created by Labrador OmniMedia, a software company dedicated to re-inventing on-premise beverage sales. Founded by a team of beverage and software industry vets, Labrador focuses obsessively on creating a user experience that makes our beverage lists a joy for both the diner and restaurateur to use. It also means unmatched integration so that our clients don’t have to think about their tools: they can just get on with their jobs.

With decades of experience in on-premise wine sales, Labrador’s founders used their insight to create the most dynamic, comprehensive digital wine list solution in the marketplace. Easy to use in an approachable format, Tastevin instantly disseminates tasting notes, labels, photos and other rich media to iPads, integrates directly with all major POS systems to gather real-time sales data previously impossible to attain on-premise, eliminates embarrassing out-of-stock situations, streamlines inventory management, helps boost slow-moving inventory, aids staff trainings, promotes customer loyalty, and saves time, money and paper.

Our Team

Meet Labrador OmniMedia

Josh Hermsmeyer


Brad Jansen

Regional Director

Vladyslav Shvedov

Lead Developer


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